All You Need to Know About BAPE Shirts


Have you ever come across the famous bape shirt? Considering how popular bape clothing is, the likelihood of never having seen one is close to nil. This kind of Japanese streetwear is the country’s first export to achieve mainstream success in the United States.

The brand’s releases routinely sell out and are resold globally. BAPE T-shirts are highly popular, especially those with the company’s most famous designs and trademarks. If you’re unfamiliar with BAPE, this article will fill you in on all the details.

Founder of BAPE

Tomoaki Nagao formed Bape in 1993 after changing his name to Nigo or ‘two’ Nigo stated he resembled Hiroshi Fujiwara, a streetwear pioneer. Whilst Nigo was constantly having his back led to his promotion to assistant.

Nigo, in his childhood, fueled his love of fashion. This passion led him to partner with Jun Takahashi to open a streetwear store called “Nowhere.” He analyzed that his partner that the streetwear component of the business was more popular than his own.

Later on, Sk8thing, a famous graphic designer, helped him create BAPE clothing. However, BAPE’s finances suffered from dwindling demand, counterfeiting, and antiquated trends. Eventually, a giant, Hong Kong’s I.T, bought the brand in 2011 for $2.8 million.

He agreed to work as a lead designer for the BAPE for a set period of time and then went on to launch his own new store called ‘Human Made’.

What Does BAPE Logo Illustrate

Nigo’s interest in American media and culture dates back to his early years. He loved the original “Planet of the Apes” from 1968. However, multiple interpretations can be drawn from the BAPE logo.

First, it’s a tribute to a favourite childhood film of his. Another well-known saying from Japan is, “a monkey in lukewarm water.” In other words, the brand’s marketing campaigns and name refer to its target market of wealthy young Japanese people.

The Rise of Bape

The fashion brand BAPE has found widespread support in Japan. During the 1990s, this label was one of the most iconic symbols of Harajuku alongside Nowhere.

It began out slowly before forming alliances with major corporations. The opening of the flagship store in Tokyo after the closure of 40 stores in Japan stoked interest.

They were aided in Japan by Pepsi. This company did a lot to spread the culture of streetwear. Both B.I.G. and Soulja Boy wore BAPE clothing in music videos. In a short amount of time, A Bathing Ape reached the pinnacle of its success.

Can We Call BAPE a Designer?

BAPE is not a designer label because labels for such items often feature the names of their creators. Fashion designers collaborate with other designers in department stores and organize runway shows.

While not a designer label, the brand is far superior to the average high street label. As a result of its high demand, there are numerous knockoffs on the market.

Bottom Line

The early 2000s, when Nigo led the company, were its most successful, but it’s still a streetwear legend today. BAPE is more than simply apparel for its fans. It’s a source of pride and fond memories. In conclusion, BAPE will continue to exist.


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