4 Reasons to Buy a Fast Lightning Charger


As the name suggests, a Lightning charger aims to charge Apple devices at lightning speeds. A standard lightning charger can charge your Apple phone completely in about an hour. This is more impressive, considering regular chargers take up to a couple of hours. If you are a person who embraces technology, you have no reason not to invest in these quality cables from Ugreen. The good news is the majority are using these cables for their phones and rating them positively because of their performance and flexibility. So, why do you need a fast charging lightning charger?

Advantages of a fast lightning charger

Most people will never contemplate whenever the thought of buying a fast lightning cable or charge hits their mind. It is because of the many benefits that come along. If you have never tried this charger before and want to give it a trial, go ahead and make a move. Below are four reasons you should purchase a fast lightning charger.

You spend less time charging

Most phone users do not want to spend more time than needed to charge their phones to continue using them. Nowadays, people spend hours on their phones, thanks to social media. For this reason, fast lightning chargers have become popular; they allow users to fully charge their phones in around 30 minutes to an hour. They get the job done so fast that users do not need to experience separation anxiety from their phones when charging.

You can use it anywhere

Another reason to buy fast lightning chargers is their applicability. You can use a fast lightning charger anywhere with an electrical outlet. Therefore, the charger can come in handy when away from home. For instance, when taking a road trip, you can use the charger to charge your phone fast in your car or when you stop at a store. Since the charger can get you a 50% charge in thirty minutes or less, you need not spend too much of your time charging. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your phone losing charge and shutting down while traveling.

No adverse effects on your phone

There is a popular misconception that fast-charging can negatively affect your battery. People especially think that fast charging can influence your phone’s battery life. However, this is far from the truth. Fast charging does not affect your phone negatively. Using an incompatible or uncertified lightning charger is what damages your phone. Therefore, as long as your charger is certified and compatible with your phone, it should be safe.

Offer fast data transfer

Besides charging your phone at “lightning speed,” a fast lightning charger can also help quicken data transfer from your phone to a computer and vice versa. You can connect your phone to your computer using a lightning charger for data transfer.


A fast lightning charger will only offer the benefits above if it is certified. For instance, the charger cannot be used for data transfer if it is not certified or does not have the brand’s label. Some lightning chargers will offer more disadvantages than benefits. Buy from Ugreen store now.


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